[Forum] "Advanced" View New Content

If you are in a forum like this one; “Renoise Forums > Renoise-Forum > Ideas & suggestions” and click “View New Content” above, it shows new content for all the forums.

Is there anyway with this forum software to form an URL that shows only the new posts in a certain subforum (like the song forum) or all forums except off-topic? Same goes for RSS URLs.


I’m sure it did work like that first time I came on here. Remember clicking from in a forum and wondering why there was suddenly so few new posts compared to last time I had clicked. Thought it would just be changing the number on the end of the link to the forum number bu that doesn’t seem to do it…

For RSS, there can be made separate streams, but this also cause more datatraffic and database pollings.
Not saying that it won’t work, but there might be a reason why there has been made only one generic RSS stream currently.

You can also “Watch” each forum so that you can get updates by email if posts have been made.
You can already see new content for each forum by simply selecting the forum tree and see the topics in order of last replied.