[forum Bug] Deep Linking To Specific Thread Posts Not Possible Anymore

If i remember right it was possible to copy the link of a specific post, which is for example near the bottom in a thread, by copying the link from the posts top right post number. This doesn’t work anymore here, is it only me or some bug?

You’re right, it seems to be taking you to the thread wanting to highlight something but no words added after hl=

You can get the post link by clicking on Quote, then Preview Post and taking the link from the Quote header. Long way around and I believe you are correct that the Post number used to be this link.

EG your last post in the thread for Lethargy.

The link works fine for me.


Copied from the “Post #14” link at the bottom of Beatslaughter’s thread. But you have to actually left-click on that link in the thread and a dialog will appear containing the full to copy. If you just right-click and copy the url from your browser, for some reason you only get this…


…which is missing the vital “entry170231” from the end of the link, which is needed to actually make your browser jump down the page.

Very strange!

function link_to_post(pid)  
 temp = prompt( ipb_lang_tt_prompt, ipb_var_base_url + "showtopic=" + ipb_input_t + "&view=findpost&p=" + pid );  
 return false;  

don’t ask me why though… the only reason I could come up with is that “some people don’t know to right click links and copy the URL, so we decided to make everyone else hate them for that”

Meh, didn’t actually try to left click that damn link. Works for me now, but it’s more cumbersome than it should be. Would be nice if the post number would contain a valid link to the post too.