[Forum] Collab Section

Was thinking it might be a nice way to promote collaborations between users.

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Can’t you just PM? :)

I guess I could pay close attention to what musical styles people operate within, whether I like their production style, hang around, get to know them, suggest a collab, PM or mail them, etc. Or I could just PM everyone on the forum. An open collaboration section, however, would make this process quicker and potentially more interesting.

On the other hand, I guess we could use the song forum for this kind of thing, so I dunno.

Well, the song forum and Pm does work, I would imagine a lot of collabs get started from the IRC room too.

Okay, I got it,
say for instance you do video or are looking for someone that does video to mix with your music or video.
Or say you have a window of time and write plugins or have coding projects you need to begin or finish and you feel you need someone or more to bounce ideas off of and help with the project, even testers.
Say you are making a mix with a focus on certain genre or genres.
Maybe you are a video game dev, and want renoise music.
Or you even maybe you do graphics and want to develop larger a portfolio.

Doing any of these, one would typically post in the general or offtopic sections, places where it might not be as pronounced, one might even headhunt. However we could possibly bring this all together and solve this through the creation of a collaboration sub forum.

Good Idea?

-editted to add things.

You might also try find an irc client as flash, embed it in a topic here in the songs forum and then simply start some channel like #tracker_collab.
No big deal for a moderator to put it up as sticky in the songs forum.

That is not even remotely similar or half as useful as a dedicated forum section though.

I think a colab section could be a good idea. Maybe a sub-forum of the song section?