Forum Feature : Voting Posts Up / Down

Would it be possible to enable the forum’s post vote up/down feature? That way we could easily express whether or not we like … the feature suggestion, or the song, or whatever the content of the post happens to be (but I’m really thinking mainly for ideas and suggestions).

On the old forum we had a rating thing for the threads, but it always felt pretty awkward to me and to be honest I didn’t bother to use it. But on this new forum, we have these really handy buttons displayed in each post…

… but when I tried to give a positive vote for a post which I thought was a good idea, I got this message:

(I haven’t even made a single one)

So… can we perhaps give users a vote quota of some kind, maybe just a handful of votes per day to play around with?

I’m thinking it’ll probably be a bit more useful than the typical “+1” stuff.

No biggie either way. Just curious.

Damn! was just gonna hit the button for your post, but got the same message… :P

Might be a good idea to have them enabled, cant see any harm if its for regged users. (though I may be speaking too soon…)

+1 :ph34r:


Should work now…


I Still get this here ??

If I had to take a guess, I’d say it’s probably related to the fact that you’re in the Alpha Testers user group. I assume that each user group/class has its own setting for the number of available votes, and that the Alpha Testers group was accidentally overlooked.

Fixed now!

Hmm… seems people have enjoyed voting my post above down while my votes are crippled :angry:

At least I am armed again :badteethslayer:

Anyway thanks to whoever fixed it.