Forum Junk

will be delted on sight, dont bother replying to obvious spam topics. sorry :(

i’m not 100% sure how spamming works but incase it is automized by scripts/bots/whatever it might be of help to implement some kind of code-acknowledgement thingy at the end of the user registration process in order to filter anything “inhuman” to fulfill the registration.

anyhow, this is just a blind guess as i’m not sure if the majority of spam posts are automized or not.

The registration process needs a captcha.

all true,

i will try to update this board next wekend to invision board 2.something. It does include some anti-spam settings / features.


In any case I volunteer as a backup board-admin, as I am a regular here, can be trusted (with anything exept jelly man-shaped candy, don’t ask) and utterly hate that spam. Gwah!

hehe :)

maybe i will take the offer, although we have … count… 4 board admins? yeah, i do think so. Maybe we could use some moderators though. Let me setup the board update first and think about role management later.


I just imagined sagosen with an evil grin going “hehe, all those years of playing the nice guy … finally pay off ! HAHAHAH (evil laughter here)”.

Looza: Shhhh!! ;)

Pulsar: I actually meant moderator, I mean, I don’t need to RULE then thing, just delete crap bot posts by crap bot posters (yes, you IT-Alien!! (j/k))

I mean, as an admin I have access to way more than I need, or… Do I? What’s the difference in rights?

You know, btw… I’ve been posting here for almost 4 years!! Damn, time flies. :)

pick me ! pick me ! I am here for about 2 weeks longer than him !

(and my plans are way more evil… the mindray-trough-images-posted-on-webboards machine is nearly finished …)

Ooooh I just got an idea… Let’s go for an antispamwannebemoderator beatbattle!

grabs popcorn :D

yes, and you must rap an essay about why you should become the new moderator

yeah hi its me,
I kill everyone guil-tieee

sagasen, your 5 seconds please.

Aaight, yo mothaf****as
clap ya hands, yo, clap ya hands
(sound of hands clapping out of sync)

If yo is a bitch
who jus’ wanna get rich
on the neat-minded bwoyz
on the for’s of RE-NOISE

Jus’ drop yo act foo
Nobody likes you

Come show yo face
and I’ll go find my mace,
I go MAD DOG in this place
while you get yo pace… makah.

Tick tick, yo’s outta here!



I win :P

you do. by cheating. I said 5 seconds. but whatever. :rolleyes:

no, to be mature here, I think sagosen would be a good mod, I dont want that position really, too busy and too much of a un-ordered lifestyle.

Hehe, I’m no fan of needless applied rules. Yup, I cuss in church if told not to. :P

But seriously again, thanx for the confidence, I don’t plan to become super-mod, but as I said, I’d love to be able to clean up a bit on the spam that flows here. Getting real annoying, and it’s nobody’s fault exept for the spammers out there.

Kids get lost and let REAL man do the work :)

No, just kidding, I agree - Sagosen for Mod :)

Foo? :huh:

You heard him! Now get lost! :P

yeah, we dont like you. had a mailinglist running for some time now, behind your back. get lost. :D