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Is there a way to get to all songs from a certain member?
I looked all over the profile page but couldn’t find it.

Also, how do I access my buddy list?


32 views and 0 replies?
Are my questions really that stupid? :(

the only way is to access the Renoise songs page and to click on an author’s name. Unfortunately there is no search engine for the songs database yet, so you should at least know under which genre a song of the person you are willing to see the songs is listed, so that you can click on the artist name and see all of his songs.

for example, to see all of my songs, click on “Latin jazz” and you will be sent to the corresponding genre page where, by clicking on “It-Alien”, you will have access to my songs

This is just a forum board system… there is no concept like the one you suggest unless it is programmed ad-hoc by developers. You may do a search with some criteria, but you can’t have it directly


I was hoping that there was a more direct way to tie a user profile with artist id in song search.
Oh well, maybe sometime in the future…