Forum Suggestion: Add Unanswered Posts Link

I would like to suggest to add two links on the forum’s links header (near View New Posts)

  1. View Unanswered Posts
  2. View My Posts

I saw this on many other forums, and it is very convenient to find those who asked a question and were never answered.

Just a thought.

That is PHPBB while this is invision board.
The “Unanswered posts” are more or less “View new posts”.
If you want to see your posts, observe your own profile through the “Members” link uppystairs in the right corner, then click “Profile options” dropdown list and select “Find member’s posts” or “topics”.
It is a little less obvious, but it is there.
You can also subscribe to forums or topics (options-> Subscribe to this forum), though i personally have not tested this option yet, so can’t guarantee it has been turned on.

Click on the username above an icon > Profile Options > Find users [topics|posts]

Well, uh, you’re welcome… <_<

Well, I am not the board administrator and cannot speak on his behalf but I am sure he is thankful. :)
I know I am.

Thanks Bantai!
I just spent some 20 minutes trying to find an older post of mine.
On the AutoHotkey forum (phpBB) the header looks like this.
See the links on the top right - very convenient.