(forum Suggestion) Better Search Option For The Forum

Maybe it has been asked before but I could not find it with the search button.
And maybe because of this:

If I search for something the search option only works for one word.
That is by far not helpfull in my opinion.
I want to know stuff about vst for mac
I enter in the search form “vst mac”
And it only finds “VST” :huh:

So my Suggestion/Question is:
Is there a way to optimize the search option, so we can search by more words?

…Or did I mis an advanced search option somewhere?

All websites should support regex search :P

Go to Google, add site:renoise.com to your query.

Well, vst and mac was an bad example I confess :P
And 2 larger words with a + between them doesn’t work :huh:

I do not know a lot about the specs behind a forum, but your reply gives me the idea that it is not a simple thing to change.

That works very well!
Thanx :)

have you tried: word1 AND word2?

Yeps that works perfect!!! Thanx a lot! :D

We roeien met de riemen die we hebben!