Forum Suggestion: Unsubscribe Link In Email Notifications

Sometimes I keep getting emails on threads that I no longer care to watch, and too lazy to log in and cancel.
An unsubscribe link directly in the notifications email will be nice.

You probably have to log in as well to unsubscribe after you have clicked that link.
This is a forum extension. I could not find a solution that quickly to add an unsubscription link but there might be.

Yeah, thats fine.
I am always logged in, the thing is I have to go to the control panel, then scroll through the subscriptions to look for the one I want to unsubscribe.

Yeah, I understand there is a policy of not touching the message board code, which is fine.
As much as I like the (probably more common) phpBB, I love some of the features on this board.
The rating here is much nicer thats for sure :)

Well the options in the topic options menu are hard-coded into the board software (and database) which i can’t alter.
I would personally have added an options that allows you to “unsubscribe” in the “Options” menu if it detected you had a subscription on it, but this is beyond my league of power.

There is an option to prune topic subscriptions automatically if no responses are in for over “so many” days.
What can be done is setting this over 14 days or 7 days, but changing this setting affects everyone.
This could also be set to 30 days so that your subscriptions get erased eventually.
Though if a topic becomes hot and you already lost your interest, you unfortunately still will have to manually unsubscribe in your profile menu.

But i’ld rather have some quick option like an unsubscribe link in the Options menu.

yeah, no - i wouldnt want to have to re-subscribe every so days.