Forum Wierdness

… is it just me, or have the forums been a bit strange looking for the past few days?.. and what’s with the fact that it says I haven’t looked at any of the posts on the forum yet? … minus the ones I’ve looked at recently?! I’m very confused :(

looks like they upgraded the forum software, probably to deter the spambots

exactly. we are still adapting the old theme for the new version. Invision Board Guys know how to program a board, but building a new skin / theme based on the default skin is a pain in the ass. Example: there area CSS classes like row1, row2, row1 shaded, etc… funny thing: they apply to different columns but not rows… anyway… you can see the current progress by choosing the renoise theme at the bottom of this page.Be warned, its work in progress.

Yeah, primarily to deter the spambots, without success unfortunately because they use captcha-hackers that easily circumvent the default captcha system of this board.

Well, tbh, I was more concerned with the fact that every time I log on to the forums, all of the topics are being showed as not-viewed… which is non-standard forum behaviour imo… I dont’ feel like viewing 20,000 topics so that I can clear my unviewed topic thingy :blink:

oh, that thingy. well, it behaves a little bit more accurate than before. The old version did tag a topic as read when you have seen it in the topic list, the new one requires going into the thread before its tagged as read.

you can use the “mark all posts as read” link at the bottom of the forum overview pages.