Found the deprecated effects tool, but I still cannot find the allpass filter

I’m on OS X, don’t know where this “Deprecated” folder is located, because in my searches throughout my hard drive (even in the hidden folders), I cannot seem to find this. Does anybody have a clearer path to these files?

I have the tool, it’s neat, got all kinds of effects, but some of them on the list in the forum do not appear in this list.

I was researching the allpass filter and see that it technically can do some neat stuff. Not much info on it here in this forum.

Thank you for your help!

Hehe, the allpass filter was completely removed in 3.1 (or maybe 3.11).

Ah, too bad. Thank you for letting me know, though!

Maybe interesting regarding allpass filter for you:

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Yeah, made it almost all the way through, will watch it again at some point. I was able to construct a semi-ok version of what I was looking for with that because the comb-filters are tunable. Thank you!