Four Previews And A Funeral

hi fellow renoisers,

i just felt like sharing some previews with you.
i’m currently working on a little four-to-the-floor “concept” EP, which’ll be entitled “Thumbworker”. two out of four tracks are already in a previewable state, so here we go:

1. Thumbworker (A1)
2. Thumbworker (A2)
both are rather club oriented and therefore quite monotone and focused on rhythm and drive.

other stuff:

3. You May Die (remix)
Original score (lyrics & theme) of that one is by Outkast and was released on their “Atliens” album in 1996 as an intro song (1m06sec playlength).

4. Hi Just Bought a 303
just for fun and for the sake of playing around with that TB303 emu.
recorded live, actual lenght is merely one pattern.

Hey, the Thumbworker tracks are awsome! I’d definetly play them when I’m the DJ.

as always, good stuff from you! i thought ‘Hi just bought a 303’ was awesome. Including the songs on my playlist for sure :)

Thumbworkers work nicely. Especially the first one. Outkast remix is great, though I’m not liking the vocals nearly as much as the music. The underlying beat and structure of the last one is very good. Having some trouble with the 303 though. Tries to etch it’s way into my brain stems. ;) But the part at 1:15 or so is top stuff.

thanks for your thoughts people!

I really like “you may die” :)

I like all, especially #3 and #4. Hope you have enough time (and inspiration:) to complete them! Keep up the good work!
Bye, _kr

holy wacko, I just danced my ass off to A2! :D

haha sagosen… please make a vid of that =)
thank you gentlemen!

All good stuff… even the last one…

But i expect a song carrying the title “Hi, just ditched my 303”

How did you juse your keyboard in Renoise?
You played with the keyboard right?
Ive just bought a EXR 5s and i want to use the sounds in Renoise.
You need Cubase to do this?

my only non-pc-keyboard (yamaha cs1x) i have, has not had any influence on these tracks.
i only use it very infrequently when writing more melodic stuff and then it’s my master keyboard - i don’t use any internal sounds because i’d have to mix it with the soundcard’s audio out and would lose the ability to render the track.

:D :D :D

same keyboard i have. i use it all the time when i use renoise though. usually i have my right hand going between the cs1x and the mouse, and my left hand planted on the computer keyboard


deadly a1 & a2 minimal techno stuff… Im in heaven with A2 right now mate.

mantrakid. :w00t: