Four Tet

do you guys like four tet??
i think i’ve had some out of body experiences to his music…
i would post up an internet site but turkish government keeps banning all websites ( latest being YOUTUBE ) so i cant…

Four tet is what introduced me to electronic music.

Yeah, Pause and Rounds are amazing releases.

awww crap the turks banned youtube now?

oh well might actually get more work done after i move there then :P

and yeah four tet also introduced me to electronic music too.

Me like Four Tet… Creative and nice music.

this is outrageous… very embarrassed of my country right now.
its as if we are an ostrich - our heads are in the ground- we deprive ourselves of seeing while everybody else watches what the government found as an insult to turkey…

also why are you moving to tr??

Fourtet rules, i think he is making a new album right now…
what is your favorite track??
mine would be
As serious as your life

“And then patterns” , really, that song really lives up to the name. Try listening to that one walking down a dark deserted street, and then the main song kicks in… magic i tell you :)
As serious as your life is the song that made me discover four tet, watched it on a music channel at 5 in the morning, dead drunk. Found a napkin with “Check: Four tet” the day thereafter when I woke up :)

and then patterns without a doubt. the most amazing thing about four tet tho is that he put rounds together on a PIII pc with a creative live soundcard and some hifi speakers! that dude definately had something to do with me wanting to trim down on the number of tools i use and tame the gearlust.

i’m moving to istanbul from kuwait for a change of scenery,… and theres no music scene here whatsoever so…

its a work/change of life type thing, plus i fell in love with istanbul when i was there in november. i cant remember another city where music played such a big role in such an intimate way.

where abouts in turkey are you?

Istanbul of course.
im only here 3 months of the year though. i go back to nyc on monday…
youtube awaits me there…

ah well have a good flight anyways and pm me when you get back to istanbul. it would be nice to meet up wth another renoiser.

And Then Patterns
Twenty Three
A Serious As Your Life
She Moves She


in no particular order… this makes me feel like listening to four tet… hehe

i love the music he produces i think my angel rocks back and forth is my fav song its such a lovely sound reminds me of childhood for some reason

i looked up some of his songs on youtube and actually i dont understand what is all the “hype” about. Yeah, his songs are maybe “different”, “strange” or even somehow interestring but to me they are nothing more than “modern art” in music. But then again im not good at undestantid those strange paintings either :)

I could listen to his music on background of something, but this kind of music dont give me chills or anything.

does anyone know how he produces his sounds i would love to try and get some vsts that sound like the strings he uses in she moves she and my angel rocks back and forth couldnt anyone help? cheers much appreciate it

@sknk & Psnow:
CProxy can easily bypass internet filtering in turley Turkey.

cheers for the link ashkan!