Fps For Window Mode

If I remember correctly there is a setting for the preferences file where you can set the max fps for windowed mode. I couldnt find it on the board, can someone please enlighten me ? thanx …

I’ve never heard of such an option… :unsure:

ehm… dunno

do u mean on: Configs -> GUI -> Global : the right little box near your resolutionoption…?

so its not the max fps offset. but i thought u meaning this one … the
general framerate (and only for fullscreen [otherwise wouldnt make sense; look at ur OS])

mhh, I know that option for fullscreenmode, but if I remember correctly there was also an option of setting the FPS for window mode … some line you had too add to the preferences.xml file by hand … or am I wrong ?
the reason I ask is that my trackscopes are running with like 10fps in window mode but very smooth in fullscreen mode … I would like to change that.

this option works in window mode too (on my side) - I can change the value in window mode and all (gui and pattern movement) goes faster or slower … normal???