Fr: Remember Audio Interface That Was Disconnected At Some Point

I have an small issue with renoise… well, it’s not really an issue, more like a… suggestion to make things more coherent. I am having this issue with my Macbook, but I am sure same thing is on Windows also.
Thing is, when I am using fire-wire audio interface, and set it in preferences of renoise, if I start renoise again when it is disconnected, default audio interface is reverted to default one, integrated. And that’s fine, I am expecting that. But I have a request: can renoise somehow remember that I also have another interface, and when I connect it, that it can set it to input and output again, without going into settings again? It’s not a big thing, but it did surprised me a few times to find out that renoise is playing through laptop speakers.


As far as I know this is one of the issues with FireWire generally and not much can be done about it. Not even really meant to connect Firewire devices with the computer switched on…

Hm, maybe I wasn’t precise enough… If, for example, a program uses some audio firewire device, or any other type of external device, and you set it default interface, you use it some time, and you quit renoise. If you load renoise again, and that device is still present, it will be used and will work just fine, like it should. But, problem is when you start program in some occasion when you don’t have your interface there. If you start renoise without your interface, it will initialise audio interface that is default on system, default system. And you work, close program, everything OK. But, problem is that when interface is again connected, after starting renoise, it won’t recognise that interface is there, it will still play through the one that he has set before, when renoise couldn’t find interface used last time. There are programs, like EnergyXT, for example, that will always work with device that is set, and will remember last device used by program that isn’t a default one on system, and reload settings for input and output that was present before disconnection. I am aware this is not something crucial, or even distantly important, but it’s a nice thing to have.
Maybe solution is to have an extra option to use default device that you set on system, lot of programs for Mac that are working like that.

Yeah Renoise always remember last device used IIRC.

SO you want to be able to set up some kind of Preferred Device. So it will use X device if available, if not Y device?

Something like that, yeah, that would be real handy… Then you would know that If selected device is pluged in, it will be used no matter what other device you have used before that in Renoise. I think that’s handy option to have.