FR: Sampler slice manipulation

The ability to “slip” audio that resides between one slice marker and the following slice marker along with:
Option to enable audio stretch when dragging slices.

That would certainly be a nice and very helpful addition!

Uh, could you elaborate on this? Sounds interesting…

I think he is talking about what Ableton calls “wrap markers” or Cockos calls “stretch markers”. Basically, if you grab the shared boundary of two slices and move it, e.g. to the right, then the left slice will be stretched, while the right slice will be compressed. See also:

For example, dragging (left or right) any part of the waveform within 2 slice markers will slip
the audio along within the slice marker boundary.

Furthermore, if option is enabled - dragging a slice marker will stretch the audio rather than move the slice marker.

It could probably go further into real audio transient quantization from there too.

Edit: what fladd said, warp markers is an accurate description for the stretching business.

So, this ‘slip’ refer to when (stretched or non-stretched) audio is being pushed around as a result of moving slice markers?
Still not sure I understand. But let me try to illustrate it using ASCII graphics


Step 1: Initial state - [>] is start of audio, [1/2/3] are slice markers, “x” denotes audio data
Step 2: Marker 1 is moved slightly into the waveform (away from the start), and loosing some audio data as a result*
Step 3: Marker 3 is moved slightly into the waveform (away from the end), slice 2 loose some audio data as a result*

  • When not streched. Stretching would make the sound loose audio fidelity, though ;)

Alphanumeric = Audio in this example:

[>][1]12345[2]6789[3]ABCD[4] - Original state
[>][1]12345[2]89AB[3]ABCD[4] - Between slice marker 2 and 3 I have slipped the audio back thus now starting at 8 as opposed to 6 originally. You would have noticed no change in slices 1-2 and slices 3-4; hence, “slipping” cause it only slips or offsets audio positioning between that slice range… Although I could do the same to slices 1-2 and 3-4 with different audio position offsets if i wish.

You might be a tad confused between the stretch and slip thing which i intended as
being two separate functions (sorry, could have explained it better!)

Stretch on the other hand is kind of like in your example:
[>][1]xxxxxx[2]xxxxxx[3]xxxxxx[4] - Original state
[>][1]xxxxxx[2]xxx[3]xxxxxxxxx[4] - Slice marker 3 has been moved back hence compressing audio inbetween 2 & 3 and [expands] 3 - 4.

Hope that explains it!

Yes, I think I got now :slight_smile:

You are of course aware of this little guy?
It toggles complete playback of sample, using the slice only as an offset.

The only practical difference between using this feature and what you suggest - sans stretch - is that, in your suggestion, there is a predefined duration for the slice.

Edit: I guess having the ability to “slip” content for any given slice is sort-of related to your other suggestion?

You’re right… and thanks for spotting this. It seems as though I have created a conflict between this request and the request you mentioned.

If my request to have slice markers maintain id’s was implemented it would mean that jumping freely between slice markers would
replicate the “slip” function.

I would however keep my request for stretching via slice markers though :)/>