Some noise with an electronic noise metal ending. :clownstep:

Wow, metal really suits your style!!

I like the long intro and I really like the up-tempo, catchy bit at the end. But I would not want to listen to the intro every time, if, for example, this was the first track on an album of yours or something. There are some terrific noises in there, lots of unique sounds that makes the track sound very non-generic. My only gripe is that the bassline sounds a bit hollow, as does the breakbeat in the second half. All in all, however, a fun song that I’ve listened to a few times now.

Thanks guys!

I do agree that one might not want to hear the intro multiple times just to wait for the rest, but the track was really supposed to only consist of noise for a video i was making, but then suddenly this is what i was left with. So what can one do? :smiley:

I’m not shure if i hear the same as i don’t find it to sound hollow, but i haven’t tested it on many different speakers, so i’m not shure. I think it goes a bit muddy sometimes and i struggled to get the bass to sound just right. Don’t think i’ll do any more to it for now at least, but i might just hold on to some metal inspired stuff on my next projects, as i’m getting tired of the boring 4/4 crap i keep making. Sticking to a plan has never been my strong side though, so only time will tell where it will bring me next. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wished i was a decent guitar player, then metal would be the natural choice, but i must admit that my guitar skills are below par. I do know my way around Renoise quite allright though, so i always try to find ways to make it without the guitar skills.