Frame rate

Hi Renoise guys:

I upgraded my Renoise install to 3.0 and I am very happy with it.

Anyway, I noted Renoise is consuming a lot of CPU usage when it is actually doing nothing (for example, if I stop playing a song and move into another application, the Renoise CPU usage is still high) [in my macbook 2010 core2duo it is around 20-30%]. I looked a little bit into the problem and I realized I can decrease the CPU usage to less than 10% if I set the “Limit frame rate” option to 30 fps; the default is 60fps in my box.

I am ok with Renoise consuming CPU usage when showing all the nice interface while reproducing songs or showing graphs or anything like that, but it should not consume anything if the UI is not being updated at all, IMHO.

Thanks guys! I hope you will be able to reproduce my issue.

Saludos from Bolivia! :)

Are you using a lot of plugins? There is a setting that will turn off processing of plugins when not being used, but I can’t seem to find it in v3 right now.

You cannot turn off plugins. You can set the AutoSuspend option for each plugin to true which make them stop processing if there is no audio output, but not every plugin likes this, e.g. if they have internal LFO’s running, so using this option for a temporary moment is not the best idea.

Another thing that might consume CPU resources are scripts because they run in the same graphics thread. If they are doing a consequent monitoring of specific events this will consume a bit of cpu cycles.
You can test this out by disabling all the scripts in the tool-browser.
If this gives results, then enable one by one to see which script seems to be the workaholic.

Was this option moved somewhere in version 3? I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Guys, I am not using any script and, though I have several AU plugins, the behaviour I described occurs since I start running Renoise 3 (no need to load any songs or instruments or anything).