Frank Zappa Cover Version

A cover version of the Frank Zappa song ‘Oh No’ from the album ‘Weasels Ripped My Flesh’. The idea behind the sound ‘texture’ is that it’s supposed to be a nod towards title sequence music from 80s science documentary programmes, that lovely wobbly and noisy sound you get from a battered old Betamax tape.

Anyway, enough babbling here it is:–oh_no.mp3 (3.7mb)

Comments welcome!

big love for the man my father named me after.
and big love for that 80’s scifi lead…

anyway. if you like these kind of melodies you must check out early CAMEL.
Mirage, snowgoose, i can see my house from here…
the synthplayer in that group: peter bardens.
his solo progjects is more blues though…

Mental! I love how you can even hear/sense that very slight, high pitched noise that you get from a TV that’s on in the room. Good stuff as usual, mate.

great lead instrument sound. the overall sound of this song reminds me A LOT of boards of canada., especially with the pads.

unfortunatley i don’t know the original song… but this is very cool. :D

I really enjoyed it, the sound is very lofi boc-ish, few highs in this, only from the background hiss :) a melody I needed today, thanks.

This track is awesome. I really like the 80’s mutated cassette tape sound, I think you really nailed it.

I downloaded other songs off of, I’m listening to the “Multiwerk” EP right now and I’m really liking it.

What do you use for the synth bass. is it samples or VST?

Cheers everyone!

Pretty much the only VST synth I ever use these days is Voyager:

Very versatile synth capable sounding almost exactly like my Kawai SX-210 (which hardly ever gets switched on as a result :( )

Really nice track! I’ve downloaded Voyager now, cheers for the link.