Freak Wobble

Top notch as usuall…really blown away with how well you can manipulate the dsp’s native to renoise. Thanks a bunch

The 4x Meta Zoom had a typo in the GUI. My fault. The X-Level has to be “Y-Level” of course. I’ve uploaded the correct version with the wobbler again. So, if you’re going to use the Meta Zoom, download again, pls. :) I’m gonna write something about how the Meta Zoom works in detail later on.

:) Appreciation is welcome, but that’s not, what this is about. The point is, it simply feels very strange, when you do things, provide them to others and get absolutely NO feedback. Is it good, is it bad, does anyone want it, does none want it? How can I know this way then, what people (don’t) like? Sometimes it feels like feeding handicapped people here. They eat what you feed them, while they’re staring at a single point on the wall, without any facial expression.

Yeah i know how it feels, but what feels even more strange is getting a lot of positive feedback but no bug-reports while you remove a plethora of bugs meanwhile and among them, type of bugs that you know your tool could never work properly so you wonder:is it just downloaded for the collection or is it actually used?

^ i think indeed, many tools are simply downloaded and added to the collection, and may never be used in practice. this makes some sense though, at least when looking at my own workflow. i never know what i’m gonna do beforehand. so i might have this idea, and i might be able to accomplish that by using native DSPs only. but then, two months later, i might have another idea, and suddenly find myself using that tool i downloaded half a year ago.

luckily (for the tool-developer) there are often people who take it upon themselves to test tools out, and those are the ones giving you the most (useful) feedback.

This is very cool! If you use some dark reese or multi saw sounds you really get massive sounds out of this one!
I even tried it with a guitar and mapping the LFO freq and the bit crush amount to the pedal.
This way you get some crazy sounds! and when the bitcrush thingy is all the way down you’re left with a great controllable wah pedal :)

That would be lovely, because I don’t get it. Thanks for this. It all seems very simple but sounds better than any wobble than I’ve been able to make in Renoise.

I think posting a good example like you did makes people want it when they see what it does.
I’m now having fun with the xrns but what I don’t get is how the formula you have here works.

woah oO

Jesus Christ.

I spent ages looking for that device, and having read this it turns out that you MADE IT YOURSELF!!

I already knew you were good, but fucking hell mate, this is ASTOUNDING.

As I have said in the other threads, you are needed here. Don’t stop, just give us time to get up to speed with your power.

WOW. Not often I am this impressed by anything!

Finally. THAT kinda response is exactly, what I do this crap for.
1st: Not people just replaying a XRNS and thinking “Ah, okay, it does that one kind of sound.”. Experiment with it, learn from it, to make it sound the way YOU want it to sound like. Otherwise your music might sound someday like the guys on the forum, but not like your personal style.
2nd: Share your ideas with others. Even better would be, to also share the results as an XRNS. ;)

The Bitcrusher in case of this setup is indeed actually a soundkiller and works almost only for this one special sound. When you throw out the crusher and raise the LFOs amplitude to 100 (delete its automation before!), Offset to 50, you get a full range ass kickin’ wobble. Before you try, beware of the current filter resonance setting… :)

Here is the same wobble setup, just a few things changed. ;)
Download “Freak Wobble Variation1”

Forget the “4x Meta Zoom” and check out the Meta Zoom I’ve posted. Does actually the same, but quite better and easier to understand. Example described in the thread.

I’m using the zoom in the wobbler to get the most out of the sine wave. By zooming I can cut out parts of the waveform and use them like a standalone waveform. When I for example zoom on the upper half of the sine wave and play just the first quarter of it (you then have to also adjust the LFO frequency), I have a 90° outer curve up. With the same zoom playing the second quarter I have a 90° outer curve down, on the lower half, third quarter a 90° inner curve down and so on. This way I can do curve variations with the wobbler, instead of just using the plain sine wave. Hope that helps to understand. :)

Very cool effect :D Jajajaja uwuwuwuwu jajajaja ;)
I’ll definatly give this technique a try.

Freak Wobble 2

The first demo was running on 8 LPB. Of course you might want to know, how you can make the same thing, maybe with even faster LFOs, work on 4 LPB. :unsure: This file shows, how to do it and also makes use of the newer Meta Zoom Device. The result, specially of the new Meta Zoom usage, is a really MASSIVE high speed kick ass wobble. :yeah:


Btw., if you use this method, don’t forget, you now have new LFO trigger points, with a quarter of their former value. ;)

Comments welcome. :rolleyes:

File updated again. Added a Resonance LFO and did some EQing/filtering. Was on headphones before. Sorry for the crappy sound of the origin file. :D

I think you just hit that classic dubstep wobble perfectly :walkman:

Any chance of a re-up on this? Both links are dead! :(

Yes, I would also be interested in this xrns. Re-uploading would be cool!

Here another interested user!

id love to try this tool if someone could re-up it! it looks promising!

If anybody wants the files, you will need to contact Bit_Arts directly to ask for them.

Send him a PM via his profile and maybe he’ll answer you.

Closing this thread now.