Freakost - Stonerman

It’s the Freak with an Original SoundTrack, it’s STONERMAAN!

This one was supposed to be a soundtrack for a game or something called stonerman.
Original idea came from the irc @ #renoise one night(im Cronkan):

00:53:30 +Cronkan: Pa pa pa paaa! It’s the return, of the STONERMAN!
00:54:04 +Cronkan: ba ba bara bip ba ba bara bop
00:54:12 _7eyes: lol
00:54:15 +Cronkan: bop bop bop bop bop bopbobobobo
00:54:18 @BYTE-Smasher: O.o
00:54:22 +Cronkan: dada da dang!
00:54:25 TMAnna sets mode: +v _7eyes
00:54:37 @mr_mark_dollin: ba ba barbara anne :(
00:54:39 +Cronkan: bop bop bop
00:54:40 +Cronkan: DA DANG

Enjoy! ;)

This is good! Chip meets Greek Folk meets Noise. Good good. Great breakdown too.