Free Audio Pool-Lifeguard Not On Duty

So after realizing the amount of audio I throw/threw away just working out a live setup, i decided to put my ftp to use and share some of the best loops, as well as samples of mine and others’ (some licenses apply see documentation). All my own stuff is both copylefted, and not all the best quality. Hence no lifeguard.

BUT mainly Im posting this to find others who wouldn’t mind sharing their own audio, don’t matter at all what flavor or color so long as its audio, digitally represented (hard to get guitars or oldschool modulars into an ftp client, tho i tried).


Know that if its licensed at all, include documentation or it will be treated like teh rest of the rabble; public domain. ALl my own work is public domain, and ideally i want to keep it copyleft-heavy but ill take any free royalty-free audio. I will prune the less than useful stuff and keep record of what ive uploaded and when.

Also theres a library of pdfs pertinent to electronic music, mastering, mixdowns, beat creation, and such (though i cant guarantee that the library is entirely without license or even free, however if your work is there and you dont want it to be, tell me and it will vanish, that goes for audio as well).

Once I develop some substance in my sample library, I will for sure help you out with this. I love you for this idea, this project is great.

I learned as well from the server master; I have no space cap, he says he has unlimited space, which is nice B)