Free Beats

Here is a number of beats I have made during the past few months, free of charge and royalties for you to use in your productions!

Something for everyone; House, Techno, Breaks and DnB



Although loops are not usually my cup of tea (I’ve always been more of a one-shot kinda guy!), there’s definitely some great programming and production here. Very nice work, sir :slight_smile:

If I had just one tiny bit of criticism, it would be the lack of variations for each loop. It would be nice if you took more of a construction kit approach, where there are perhaps 3 or 4 variations of each loop — full loop, loop with no kicks or bottom end, loop with only the high hats (“top” loop), loop with only the percussion, and so on. This would give people a lot more creative freedom right out of the box.

Nevertheless, thank you for sharing. Good stuff!

Yeah man, cheers for the feedback! I ripped them straigh out of my tunes, so maybe its more a reflection on them!

My sample packs (eg )

…are varied and indeed, second to none!