Free Love!

I think I like the 4th one best…

I think I agree! I got busted on that one though - HEH. The cops liked it actually, they seemed kinda sorry for having to ask me to remove it. Lesson #1: don’t do it at night! Do it out in the open like the owner of the house is paying you for it :P

Ha ha ha, sneaky bugger!

do some skulls man, skulls are awesome

Are you giving out love at no cost, or are you liberating it?

Same difference. :D

I like it!


Chalk is cheap :P

So are Filipino hookers…

But yeah, make some skulls dude.

pffff, dont do skulls…do willys

it’s possible to make something funny even out of that haha… (no, that’s not mine…)

‘What are the politics of boredom?’

… excellent question :o

…that no man shall be spared when boredom is lurking.

I wear one all the time

You should start a photoblog devoted entirely to this concept… and hopefully inspire others to follow the trend by posting theirs too ;) … it would make for a great website :D