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I am a stupid spammer, let’s talk about this

fool, dont come here and post this shit.

hello I am from nigeria and I have a rich uncle who has recently died and I request that someone help me to recover his estate worth over 22 million dollars. I need a rich sucker from another country, if you qualify please email me:

YES, i need the cash, where do i send my bank account and visa number as your email didnt work.

hi, i would like to buy renoise. i have a good friend in germany that owes me a few thousand dollars. what i would like to do is, i would like to have a cashiers check for 4 grand sent to you from my friend* an then you send me the change!

whats funny about that ^ is how pissed the guy gets when you make him wait a week an then after hes called enough to make the international calls cost him quite a bit. tell him, “thanks, i cashed the check at the local liquor store. an im gonna keep it!”

strange thing is, the fbi will tell you to contact secret service an the ss says “we dont care”. so you cant actually get in trouble doing this! i dont know if europol would do anything didnt check, but it was fun playing with the pharmers!

Moderators, you should just remove the text from the first post and put:

[insert stupid spam here]

instead. :rolleyes:

Oh, and I’d really like to see if I could do a prank on the spammers myself, some guy did this and posted the result online, can’t quite remember where I read it tho…

Okay, but I still got one spam-idea :)

Follow the white Rabbit

59.177.. is a known spam host domain.
Just one addition in the blocklist would suffice future spam of this kind.