free-running sample loops? (turn off sample re-triggering)

I’m new to the forum but I’ve been using Renoise for a long time. I’ve been wondering lately if it’s possible to have free-running sample loops that continue even if you are re-triggering notes… more like how a synthesizers oscillators behave. Basically turn off sample triggering regardless of note triggering. I currently use the Gxx glide command to mimic this effect but it doesn’t allow for envelope re-triggering.

Does this feature already exist or should I request it? It would be highly useful to me since I prefer using samples of oscillators w/ Renoise native filters over using plug-in synths. I have a (real) Prophet-5 and I wanted to create some sample packs of its VCO’s… but I really dislike that re-triggering effect.

Sorry if this question has already appeared… but I couldn’t find it by searching.

If I’m understanding correctly, I think you can do this by combining 0g00 with 0e00. 0g00 will keep the sample from retriggering from the beginning, and 0e00 will set the envelope position back to its beginning effectively retriggering it.

ah - i’m going to try it right now!

yeah… that worked pretty well… GFF + E00 - it’s not the least painful way to do it but it helps - maybe if i make the sample pack free… it will persuade the devs to add a painless method for the same thing ;)


I was like “that name sounds vaguely familiar” then a google search later holy shit you did PAA3’s soundtrack! Glad to have you on team Renoise.

edit: Also if we’re throwing out suggestions here, I think it would be cool if you could put a 0gff on a phrase and it be respected in the same way 0b00 is.

haha thanks! yep i’m the penny arcade guy - anyway… please explain what you mean by “respected in the same way as 0Bxx”

If you put 0b00 at the start of a phrase, and leave it otherwise the same, it will trigger samples backwards. So say you have a big piano .xnri, if you want to turn it into a backwards piano .xrni all you have to do is make a phrase with 0b00 at the start.

So if you could do that with 0gff, it would automatically do what 0gff does in the pattern editor. It doesn’t work though.

oh i see… you want to use it to changes pitch of the backwards playing sample - good idea

It is actually possible to have automatic gliding for a phrase. Perhaps not super-obvious, but you need to add an AHDSR device in the sample modulation (!).

Check out “Fuzzy Slide” in the factory content (Instrument > Leads), it’s using this technique, although more slowly gliding from note to note.

I tried adding an ahdsr and now it just doesn’t change notes, whatever the first note was it plays it forever. I’ll check out fuzzy slide to see what I missed.

edit: Oh I got it, I had a moment of temporary insanity and used 0g00 instead of 0gff. Sick! Thanks Danoise. Can even use it live when you set it to monophonic.

Yes, exactly! A nice trick, however made a bit counter-intuitive by the AHDSR device requirement.
Sort of hoping that we will get this technique without having to dabble into the modulation screen… :rolleyes:

Another cool trick is how envelope offsets behave, in relation to phrases. Like with samples, you can set the envelope offset for a phrase and it will affect any samples within that phrase.
Just don’t forget to leave out the instrument number from notes, unless you want the envelope to retrigger…