[free sounds] bouncing ball percussive clang samples

Cleaning the attic, I found this pack of bouncing ball delay type clangs collected in a .xrns, maybe some of y’all can find use for it?


Do whatever you like, no copyright shit, though I can’t be accountable if you 'cause bodily harm with these :wink:

Put up some more sounds, this time CDP processed sounds I recorded at a Samba festival in my home town. Bunch of zipped .flacs here (~250 mb);


Same disclaimer as before :)

I’ll use this thread for all my future free sound dumpage;

Two ~250 mb zips of processed sounds I used in a piece called Draai, I recorded most of the source samples at the sea in Scheveningen and effected these with a bunch of different dsp;

Pack 1; https://www.mediafire.com/?q5zqxidk5oa95kx

Pack 2; https://www.mediafire.com/?z1koxvy1uuc3xzt

Electro acoustic tracking .xrns examples (weird noises, bleeps & fft processed sounds);