Free starter pack for Renoise on Windows

This is a pack of software and sound libraries, for use with Renoise 3 on Windows machines.
All are free and offer full functionality, some are available with more extended options for $.

D.A.W. Renoise
read the manual of Renoise, view videos with tutorials
ChordLord for Renoise, 235 different chord types in harmony per scale/key per note/tone
VSCO Community Orchestra
XHip VSTi synthesizer (bottom of page)
Sound Bank by EatMe: eatme_xhip_bank.xhipbank for free XHip synthesizer.
01 - saw to sea 02 - pads with beeps 03 - pads without beeps 04 - kick drum
05 - kick drum 2 06 - supersaw pads 07- tiny supersaw 08 - bright saws
09 - trance pad 10 - trance pluck pad 11 - trance reverse pluck 12 - tape pluck
13 - plucky 14 - virtual harpsichord 15 - noisy 303 16 - distorted xhip
17 - radio noise 18 - laser fx 19 - wind in microphone 20 - wow 21 - bright woi
22 - harpsichord pad 23 - upside down pling 24 - upside down xylophone
25 - fluhee 26 - club frog 27 - digi clap 28 - mandoline pad 29 - hi korgis
30 - cessna 31 - 80s release note 32 - squeeky band pluck
Synth1 VSTi synthesizer
Piano 1 , piano VSTi plugin (select the soundbank after opening the plugin)
City Piano, Iowa Piano, piano VSTi plugins
RC-808 drum computer
MIDI loopback needed for RC-808
Mono/Fury VSTi free synthesizer after (expensive) Mono/Poly KORG
install Visual Studio 2010 Runtime for mausynth:
T-Force Alpha Plus 2
install Visual Studio 2015/2017 runtime for Alpha Plus 2
H.G.Fortune AvatarST VSTi ambience synthesizer (read the manual)
and all other plugins (download up to a few at the same time)
from H.G. Fortune (Serenity and The Tiger for choirs)…
BassChorus v23 Chorus / Flanger VST plugin
FreeVerb reverb
SupaPhaser phaser w/ enveloppe following sound
BeyerDynamic Virtual Studio preset 4 offers great Big Venue reverb for mid/hi in on a send
TDR Kotelnikov mastering compressor * light free version
MJRotoDelay VST delay w/ host tempo and filters (scroll a little down for MJRotoDelay)
FerricTDS Tape Dynamic Saturation VST plugin (in pack)

For making music, learn music theory at to find the basics.


Thank you for your time posting this.

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Thank you and happy new year

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I use ambience for reverb, he’s free, lightweight and very versatile, but quite difficult to tweak… If you don’t know it you should take a look.

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Well, thank you! Hello to Renoise.