Free starter pack for Renoise on Windows

This is a pack of software and sound libraries, for use with Renoise 3 on Windows machines.
All are free and offer full functionality, some are available with more extended options for $.

D.A.W. Renoise
read the manual of Renoise, view videos with tutorials
ChordLord for Renoise, 235 different chord types in harmony per scale/key per note/tone
VSCO Community Orchestra
XHip VSTi synthesizer (bottom of page)
Synth1 VSTi synthesizer
Piano 1 , piano VSTi plugin (select the soundbank after opening the plugin)
City Piano, Iowa Piano, piano VSTi plugins
RC-808 drum computer
MIDI loopback needed for RC-808
Mono/Fury VSTi free synthesizer after (expensive) Mono/Poly KORG
install Visual Studio 2010 Runtime for mausynth:
T-Force Alpha Plus 2
install Visual Studio 2015/2017 runtime for Alpha Plus 2
H.G.Fortune AvatarST VSTi ambience synthesizer (read the manual)
BassChorus v23 Chorus / Flanger VST plugin
FreeVerb reverb
SupaPhaser phaser w/ enveloppe following sound
BeyerDynamic Virtual Studio preset 4 offers great Big Venue reverb for mid/hi in on a send
TDR Kotelnikov mastering compressor * light free version
MJRotoDelay VST delay w/ host tempo and filters (scroll a little down for MJRotoDelay)
FerricTDS Tape Dynamic Saturation VST plugin (in pack)

For making music, learn music theory at to find the basics.


Thank you for your time posting this.

Thank you and happy new year

I use ambience for reverb, he’s free, lightweight and very versatile, but quite difficult to tweak… If you don’t know it you should take a look.