Free Synth Coded By Urs Heckman

Some of you might know others don’t …there is this online ( german ) music magazine that is giving away a free alpha version of a ( possibly )upcoming hardware synth :)
The synth is coded by u-he ( of zebra , ace fame etc ) and sounds wonderfull , it’s just an early alpha version so it’s not yet optimized and thus consumes a lot of cpu juice …you just have to register online to try it , it’s worth it and sounds delicious
link to kvr
link to online magazine

Software* ^_^

Ahh, its the software version of the hardware version… My German is a little rusty :blush:

Thanks. After ages of searching I found the donwload link (you need to register to the forum first),927

for some reason i cant log-in to the forumafter i registret

get a

sir konnen leider nicht angemelden werden??

see pm