Free synthesizer samples from sharooz raoofi

he is sharing these awesome samples until the end of march
how do i import them into renoise ?
i have tried just dragging and dropping them but sometimes ( most times with errors )
anybody can do this ? or have a tutorial easy way cheers


First of all, thanks for sharing. There are only 3 days left to download them.
Once you have uncompressed the zipped file, go into Renoise.
Then on the bottom right corner, select “Samples”, then browse your files.

If you click on a file, you can hear it:


And if you double click on a file, it is added to the instrument list:


hi @sokoban thanks mate hope your staying and keeping safe :slightly_smiling_face: , are you loading one sample at a time ? i was talking more abour loading about all the multisamples into the sampler in keyzones i get loads of errors and dont know what im doing cheers

I don’t often make instruments from samples… I let advanced users reply to your request! :wink:

Select all samples from a patch in the sample browser and drag them into the keyzones grid. Remember that by moving up and down with your mouse you can determine the density of samples covering the grid. In the case of this pack every sample has been sampled for every semitone (as far as I have looked) so every sample should take up one sample slot. Enjoy!


i quickly made multi-sample xrni out of these.
if you’re interested, you can find them here:
(some samples still might require some trimming as there’s a lot of silence before and after the sample data occasionally)


nice keith thanks mate, I tried to just drag and drop but they played back weird , gonna try yours thanks mate

Thanks for sharing the link, can never have enough source material :slight_smile:

i dunno if we are allowed to but our own stay at home pack would be nice with these and any we have made from our own vst , or vst we used to own or patches we have downloaded , surely that would be allowed wouldnt it ? its hard to find good xrni abd time comsuming to plug in grab them , but the modulation options on the sampler are the best so i prefer xrni , like i said none of us crack we all pay so would sharing snapshots of vst to each other be bad ???, people do it in there kontakt libaries all the time , so if a few people say if its a good idea, and then we could do this for a few days only , starting with keiths upload and ill upload something tonight , good idea or not what do you think ?

i have found more great ones here

and here