Free Upgrades

If I register for Renoise 1.8 Final, I will be able to get the full version of 1.9 for free when its out, right? But what about 2.0 and later versions? Do I have to buy again? Or is there a cheaper fee for upgrading when you have already bought a license thats two versions older?

you will get freee from 1.8 to 2.8

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to be more precise, 2.8 will be excluded from your free upgrades: you will get free updates until 2.79

After that, I have to buy a new license? So I will have a new username and password then?

no, you will receive an upgrade offer and will keep your username and password


The Upgrade from 2.8 to 2.9 will be cheaper if I am a registered user, right?

yes, as i know)

well, there will be quite a long time between 1.8 and 2.9, so I cannot swear on it, but I can bet on it :)

And once I buy the upgrade to 2.9, I can again get upgrades till 3.9?

But with the v.4.9 we’ll be returning to Earth or neighbouring planets, right? I’m planning to buy my greatgreatsomethinggrandaughter an upgrade for her 21st birthday.

Rofl, lol etc.

Just wait how long it takes before Renoise gets tagged Native Instruments / Adobe or Steinberg.
If that ever happens, the pricetag will show a far bigger number.