Free Wave Editors

What freeware wave editors would you guys recommend. Tried Audacity and although it has quite good features I’m not too keen on its user interface. Will give any you can recommend at least a try. Thanking you in advance.



Srsly though, Webattack/Snapfiles (same site, different names) rules:
Freeware audio editors:
Shareware audio editors:

That site prides itself on having spyware free apps btw… so no need to worry about that shit ;) … just install and try :o

Not Freeware, but I use (on my mac):

Pretty cheap.

Hi kazakore,

If you work on a windows platform, I suggest you take a look at Wavosaur (freeware). states:

  • has all the features to edit audio (cut, copy, paste, etc.)
  • produce music loops, analyze, record, batch convert.
  • supports VST plugins, ASIO driver, multichannel wav files, real time effect processing.
  • has no installer and doesn’t write in the registry.



heres a link for ya

rezound, sweep

Just tried Waveosaur and it wont even load a Wav file. V1.0.4.0 from their site. I’m running WinXP SP3. Shame as it looks nice and uncluttered but as I can’t even load a file can’t tell now nice it is to work with.

That is strange :blink:

Does Wavosaur crash? Does it reject your specific file?
Is there an error message you would like to citate?


Here’s a screenshot from a multichannel wav opened:

It just freezes and doesn’t seem to want to respond at all. Once I did just leave it trying to open a file and came back about half hour later and it seemed to think it had opened it but it was of zero length with no information.

Will try some smaller files when I have the time as so far have only tried mixes of over an hour in length.

thats odd.

i have never had any such problems with wavesaur

sorry i cant help,but hope you figure it out :D

Ok it opens smaller files but anything above ~600MB wont open. You get no progress bar and it usually completely hangs. Sometimes it will claim to of opened the file but you just get zero length of nothing.

Anybody else willing to see if they can handle larger files please.

OK it’s a known limit with Waveosaur and they don’t currently have any plans to enable you to open files longer than ~80mins. Pretty poor in my books! That limit really shouldn’t be there and I’ve not come across it with any other wave editors I’ve tried.

Oh no!
I assumed they had solved this problem long ago :rolleyes:

I just tried to open a two hour concert recording (1.2GB) and Wavosaur became
completely unresponsive for some (not longer than maybe three) minutes.

I wouldn’t mind the waiting time, there have been much worse in my computing life,
but only the first 14.5 minutes were opened. :o
(Ah, that’s why I edited this file in REAPER…=)

Okay, it’s not up to this job now. Too bad.
Perhaps you’ll benefit with files within Wavosaur’s current time/size limitations.

Or you’ll find something better to fit your needs?
In that case, please come back and let us know which editor works for you.


Wavosaur can also be a right bell end with aiff stuff.

I think I’m just going to buy the Sound Forge Audio Studio. At around £30 it’s affordable and Soundforge has always been my favourite editor. Shame though, as I would of much preferred go freeware, or at least support a small production house with a good product, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Would be nice to have all teh effects of the over £200 version but there’s no way I’m paying that! At least I can use any VSTs I’ve picked up over time though.

Thanks to everybody for suggestions though, it is appreciated.