First and only work in Renoise. The best is that I can only get better. XD

The best for me is the speaker. And it’s not me.
It is a recording that came as an instruction manual from an old turntable of my grandfather.

It’s done in Ubuntu 12.04(KX-Studio) with Loomer´s synthesizers and DiscoDSP´s Discovery.
Well, there are also some TAL-NoiseMaker sounds.

Free at last from the tyranny of Windows and Mac!! (It’s just a joke. I do not want troll. ;)/>)

I didn’t understand a single word, but very impressive first Renoise track! :walkman:

I had to warn that it is in Spanish. However the content of the story is not really important.
Thanks for your time TheBellows.
If anyone has any constructive criticism, it is welcome.