Freeflight (house/prog)

alright… you like ? thx

I’m a fan of this genre, and you’ve done it well! Like we all say, some little bits of organic melody here and there would human-it-up. Or even spoken word style like Underworld.

The mix is in dire need of some LP filtering on the tops of the sounds. Currently too nasty and harsh.

Hi we spoke briefly in #irc.

This mix is too “hot” and I believe attenuating the upper frequency sounds might help. Try dropping them -3db or -6db. I’m not too sure about filtering as described above, but there are definitely moments where it might help. Overall I think it’s a matter of amplitude?

And yeah, the track is real nice. Good work there for sure.

thx for the feedback, really helpful.

so i’ve tweaked the mix a bit (new version on virb), to me it sounds better now. i’ve cleaned up the lows and made it less loud in the highs. overall i like to think it sounds more balanced now. :rolleyes:

the only problem was that the song is a recorded live jam, so i couldn’t go back and tweak individual tracks and had to work with “as is” <_<