Freeware Data Recovery


could google myself and browse through hundreds of apps/recommendations, but though I’d better ask here from the well informed Renoise IT-crowd! :)

A while ago I had to re-install windows after computer troubles, losing a lot of samples and a few wip Renoise tracks that I didn’t properly back-up facepalm. Now the lost songs I’ll never be able to recover again from the laptop because of HD formatting, but the few gigs of fieldrecording samples were cut out of a SD card that I haven’t touched since.

Would it be possible, using some freeware data-recovery program, to recover data from the SD card?

What is the best free app for this job?

Thnx in advance!


Try this one.

Recuva is indeed great. Testdisk is very bare-bones (command line), but i was able to recover files from a broken harddrive with this software, so, understandably, i really liked it :).

Thnx for the suggestions am trying recuva at the moment and it seems like it can get my .wavs back! B)