Freeze Function

Ok, i have about 10 Tracks, each Track is packed with a big DSP-chain (Effects/Compressors/EQ’s etc…), replaying in realtime: Not possible because of too much CPU usage (Using a 3.0 ghz, 2 GIG Ram). :(

Solution: the FREEZE function! :)
On each Track in the DSP Front is a FREEZE button, pressing it, it renders the Track into a entire sample - for each Pattern, all Effect’s in the DSP chain are therefore unselectable until you release the FREEZE button. When you replay the song while FREEZE is active, Renoise replay’s a Sample realtime from the Harddisk, stored somewhere in a Project Folder.

Still, you can edit notes in the Pattern and replay it while the Freeze Function is active for this Track - How?: Magic Renoise only renders that part where you entered or changed Notes!
Problem: What if you have a hughe reverb in the DSP-Chain going for 30 seconds, but changed a note in a Pattern, it has to render more than just the Note-Change.
Solution: Settings!: The user has to decide how many seconds AFTER pattern changes should be rendered additionally (for e.g. default 3 seconds after last note-change).

Also: For every Track where FREEZE is active is an idividual Sample rendered. Example:
Your song is 20 Pattern long, Sequence 00-01-02-03-04…
Each Pattern has 10 Tracks. Now you activate FREEZE on Track00 and press Pattern Play. A Window appears saying ‘Rendering…’ and Renoise is rendering and saving the a Sample for Track00/Pattern00 on the Harddisk. When its finished, the Track is replayed as usual. You stop playing and press Pattern Play again, this time no window apppears because you didnt’ make any changes for Track00 on this Pattern. You stop playing and jump forward to sequence 12 and press Pattern Play: Renoise knows that nothing here is pre-rendered, so a window appears saying again ‘Rendering…’ - after that the Pattern is played as usual.

I think you get the Idea of this FREEZE function :rolleyes:

I really really wish Team Renoise would decide to develope such thing, even if it means the Renoise Retail price will jump up to EUR 399,-! Such thing is amazingly powerfull and absolutly worth! Don’t you think?

it is so much worth that this feature has been already suggested a lot of times ;) please do a search for “freeze” over this forum section and see for yourself

Ups, sorry. I thought it’s only me who is desperate for such feature… Anyway, i hope i gave some more or real idea’s of how it could work in daily’s life Renoise-tracking situation. Before i say that i should have searched the forum, sorry again and i stop now :)

some VST freezer wouldnt help???

there is hardly any track which does not push my CPU to its limits, so i’m with you larion, definately.
the way you explain the freeze function sounds just awesome! (!)
it would rule the shit out of every CPU problem without sacrificing (too much) control over the actual score.
i must say i’d simply love it the way you explained it… but i think this’d be a hell lot of work to be implemented (sounds pretty complicated to code).

is it exactly that way how “freeze” works in i.e. cubase or alike?
i always thought “bouncing” / “freezing” was nothing but a “render to sample” function… but it’s obviously way more intuitive… nice, just nice. :rolleyes:

The suggested indeed sounds like a pretty intelligent use of such a freeze function. I believe Ableton Live (v5) also has the capabilities to do this… And hey TakTik also works there ;)

Really? Is that so? <_< Sooo… i think ‘someone here’ has to do some cool freeze function in Renoise better soon then! :P

Just kidding, i can imagine that TakTik doesn’t want to mix his secure incoming-money job with project renoise just because he works in the audio industry. Fully understandable, and i guess we shouldn’t mix that up that Renoise is renoise no matter where the developer’s working at fulltime. Are there any developer’s working fulltime on Renoise, i’m just curious?

The last time i worked with Cubase (2002?!) i only used midi tracks, never HD-Recording, I wonder how this works in other audio programs too.

Thanks! The idea is not new, program’s like Adobe After Effects do the same: playing back a video buffers each frame in the RAM (instead of HD), you can see in the timeline a mark when this frame has been PRE-rendered. A playback later is smooth and in realtime for those frame’s marked. It also offers a realtime preview, by rendering a sequence of frames into the RAM, it loops this sequence to see it in realtime - that’s something for Renoise too in case your CPU is too slow (instead of going to Render > Select File > Start rendering > Exit > Import File > Listen)? B)

Don’t get me wrong, i am not complaining, renoise rocks! Just another post in the thread “Ideas & suggestions”.