Freeze & Save The Master Spectrum/scopes View

I really like the realtime multicolor track comparisons in the master spectrum. It’s a really good step forward.

While we’re still in the beta phase, I’d like to ask you if it could be possible to FREEZE a Master spectrum (and maybe a phase meter or master scope) state and to STORE this state in a SLOT (for example, you could have 5 or 6 slots that store different view states).

Then when you click on a slot, it displays the stored state and at the top right side, renoise displays the precise moment (in HH:MN:SEC) when the snapshot has been made.

Clicking on some slots could help me to get a precise overview of what’s globally happening.

Because for now, the spectrum is usefull for a real-time analysis, but sometimes everything goes too fast, even if you can slowdown now the speed of graphs.

Of course, I could just hit 5 or 6 times on the “print screen” keyboard button and paste it inside my photo editor software, but that’s an external and unnatural solution and I’d like Renoise to be able to handle it natively.

Thanx for reading and see you soon for other little ideas and suggestions.

“Freeze/Record Spectrum to EQ10/EQ10 with automation”

Et voila, vocoder.

:rolleyes: Spectral-analysis based meta devices won’t be ready for the 2.8 final release but for sure a kind of *spectrum-follower would be helpfull ! For now if we want to create a vocoder under renoise, we need to deal with lots of send tracks as shown in this .xrns example : it works a bit but anyway preparing that kind of mix setup is a true pain in the ass…