I also could use the freeze feature. It’s almost vital when working with several CPU intensive VSTs, like East West’s Play sampler among others. Yes the work around is possible, but it’s not at all sensible for situations where I’d like to freeze a track and then unfreeze it later to work on it some more. I’d like to KEEP the VSTs information and everything in the song without it being loaded, and see the notes without them being played.

I believe the freeze feature is an absolutely vital piece of any DAW or sequencer. :P

yes in almost situation exists other way but…
it take to many time.
in this way you press button FREeze and you dont need render to samples do some other things etc. it is simple way

and really the bast way is render one track to sample is the best because it will save more cpu then get samples from vst and add some filters.
then render to samples or vst freezing)

I also would love this feature very much. - I have tried out Melodyne PLUGIN these days. - The way Melodyne works would be very handy and i think this is also realistic to implement:

Possible workflow:

d) WHEN FREEZE is turned ON, it plays back the sample buffer (sample-sync) - now you can disable any plugin/synth which is before the freeze plugin inside the DSP chain (at the moment i do this manually all the time… ) .
WHEN FREEZE is turned OFF, play normal track input.

For anyone interested, at the moment MELODYNE PLUGIN is an alternative which is VERY easy to use, however the downside of it is, that melodyne intself does some DSP processing and needs some little CPU for this.

However ,the WORKFLOW is awesome easy to freeze channsl with or without PLUGIN FX !!! → the cool part is that you can easily define yourself, at WHICH POINT in the DSP chain the freezing takes place.

this way, you can either only freeze the synth, OR synth + FX, OR → FX only (on an FX BUS)

you can try to play around with this :

A plugin I used for some basic freezing in the past, I have no idea where it comes from or who made it unfortunately.

to Frank Baumgartner
you mean this one?

no question
freezing and latency compensation must be inplementet
for real comfortable profesional work

in future)))

Yes i’ve meant this one. I am running OSX and i haven’t yet found a nice working one as VST UB OSX.

If you’ve got a tip for a real freeze/recorder that works similarily easy than melodyne, i am happy about it.

And yes, obviously celemony melodyne is NOT thought to be used that way and it’s ashame to abuse it for freezing ;-)))

no sorry i havnt i try some but its dont work as well
the best native freezing but…
you know what i mean)

There have been many requests for it, and discussions about it, both on the forums and on irc. Just because it’s not a hot topic, doesn’t mean that it’s not an essential feature that people want. It would save many people a crapload of time and resources, and is actually a fairly standard feature of mature production software these days.

That’s pretty ignorant man… but you’re right on one point… “imo”… it’s your opinion, and you shouldn’t try inflicting it on the rest of us. I’ve used track freezing extensively in Audition, and it’s far from a “toy” feature. It simplifies things by reducing CPU usage to help make the production process truly non-destructive. Simply rendering everything to sample is a horrible idea, because every time you make a change to an instrument preset for example, you have to rerender every freaking pattern in the song. The hacks and workarounds you talk of are just that… hacks and workarounds. They’re by no means as useful as the feature being discussed here.

Actually, i consider CPU usage a MAJOR problem in audio production!

Go and have a look at a pro tone studio. - Do you think they’re all stupid spending thousands of EUR on DSP power ;-)) - Think about it.

When you run - for example - only one polyphonic instance of Albino VST you easily gain a few % of CPU used on a Core-2-duo machine. And this then is ONE channel, without FX. - Now imagine 30 Channels, plus the FX Busses … It is soooooo quick to fill up a CPU.

Of course, you can render one pattern to WAV - no question, but this is a very unhandy way of working.

Oh and yes, that was still 44.1 khz. The 192 khz knob on my sound card is probably more for showing off and will never get really any useful. ;-)))

I think there is a big difference in the way people work. If you do some oldskool tracking where mainly samples are played and just a few FX then you are fine. But if you try to work more the way like a tone studio works with EQ, Compressor, Sidechaining, Delay Compensation, Vocal processing plugins, etc., you end up having a hard time very quickly.

It doesnt sound too much, if one plugin “only” takes 2-3% of cpu. The problem is - we’ve only got 100% !

Already the master bus for itself can take considerable time of CPU. - EQ, multiband dynamics/Compressor, (multiband) stereo narrower/widener, master reverb, exciter, loudness maximizer/limiter, dithering, inspector XL. - with that alone fill up at least one CPU :)

well, hehe this is probably why this is done in a separate task, right? - ack.

however …

… In Cubase for example, the freeze feature was hi hi highly appreciated by many users.

To cut a long story short: i dont even think it is necessary to have a NATIVE renoise freeze. - it would already be very helpful to have a decent VST cross plattform one. i hope i will find one, and then i’ll be very happy.

I guess, the spare development time of Renoise developers might be better used on topics which cannot be easily work-around’d (awesome english) with third-party plugin products.

as i know this features will be when it hard to say. and its bad
and about frreeezing its at Ableton Live too)

i need two features in renoise freezing and Open two copies in on extension and add some sync fetures)))
thats all)

if you got a problem with people voicing their opinion on a discussion forum, then you’re probably here for the wrong reasons or simply haven’t figured out what these forums are all about.

when i think a feature request is superflous in respect of other features which i consider more essential, you are certainly the last person who’s going to make me stop voicing that opinion.

you know, you don’t have to love everyone in this world and it’s a natural thing that there are people with whom you sympathize more than with others. i am positive our relation belongs to the “others” department and i therefore kindly request to simply ignore me in the future because that’s basically what i am doing with you and your posts here as well since quite a while.

your tone was most definately on the insulting side of the spectrum.
maybe you should use the native preview post button when youre so “horny and wet” to get on someone’s case.

I don`t know how freeze function must be implemented, but SVArTracker already has this function.