Freideuter - Free Download

hey everybody … i decided to publish the full title song of our latest cd-single as mp3 for free!

feel free to download our song and don’t forget: this song (the electronic music) is composed and programmed 100% with RENOISE!

Freideuter_-_Freideuter.mp3 160kbit 44khz stereo 4.5mb

this is very nice, Alexander!!

even though I do not understand much German the feeling of the vocals bring the track to life…

thanx Andy:Ray …

ok i can try to explain Freideuter/the lyrics:

most time my lyrics are poetic stuff … and in the last year i think about a new name of my/our music.
in german the word FREIDEUTER sounds like the german word for freebooter (pirates) “freiBeuter”.
the german word “deuter” means interpreter (“frei” means “free”) … so the direct translation in english is FREE INTERPRETER ;)
in german this name (FREIDEUTER) sounds like “prirate” but its more a matter of freeing from thought and feelings … and thought / feelings could be an ocean… and i’m livin in the north … so this name is a little play on words and so on and on

the song talks about light and dark times and in the refrain i talk about the freeing from these times by going to my own inner ocean of thoughts … far away from the real life … maybe something like this!

For my taste vocals are sounding too dry. And the mix is too soft, maybe you should add some more bass on it…
But in general, its a good song (alltough cant understand a word of it…)!

i started years ago with too wet vocals … it’s maybe a personal development of my own - a bit dryer now … too soft??? … don’t know your listen equipment B) but i know really softer mixes and masterings ;) … maybe the mastering could be a little bit louder … at the time in the mastering studio i had no real opinion about the final mastering … too much mixing these past weekends and choas in my head ;) … so maybe it could be better B)

Well, though it’s not my taste of music I have to say that it’s quiet well produced! It’s really compareable to Schiller&Heppner productions.
At least that’s what it reminded me of.
For my personal taste I think you shouldn’t mix the voices that loud.
Nothing agains the voices - the male one is even better than Heppners overvibrated voice ;)
And there could be more chordal singings…I’d prefer some already at 0:40 “Den Weg wohin…” like you did at 0:55 . Maybe also with 3 instead of two voices.
But that’s only my personal taste, hey - at the end it’s clean and carefully produced. You hear that.
Not bad, Freideuter des Meeres ;)

thanx Gilli ;)

anybody else interessted in remixing

Andy asked me to remix Freideuter … so i’m preparing the WAVs now…

The lyrics are fine indeed. But I also think that the vocals are a little dry. But else they´re still fitting well.

Great job B)

About a remix:

If you don´t mind I would also try to remix it.


Could you give the link to the ftp again (per mail)? I accidently trashed the mail you´ve sended and didn´t wrote down or bookmarked all data <_<


Sure, I’d give it a shot.