Freideuter Single - Out Now!

some times ago i announced our first cd-release (musik done with Renoise) and published a small preview of one song. now our cd is finaly done and you can listen all song previews on our website.

for all foreign Renoise-fans/users … our website is in german only … but it’s simple to reach the previews:

click on [MUSIK] in the mainmenu … after this
click on [DISKOGRAFIE] in the submenu … after this
click on the top release “FREIDEUTER” to reach the release-page … after this
you can select the note-symbols in the tracklist to listen to the previews (HI is for DSL, LO for modem)

if you are interested in ordering the single … please contact me via email. the cd cost 3€ (+ postage and packing) … payable via PAYPAL, banktransfer, or cash via snailmail

Wow, this is nice! I understand about 2% of everything you sing – or less, maybe – but is sounds melancholic, in the good sense :) I especially like the chorus of “so verloren”; the part with the disted flute(?) and the matrix printer-bell-sound… :lol:
Gonna listen to the other tunes now! Good luck!! :)

btw, nice homepage!

Damn, listened to the wrong album. ;)

FREIDEUTER is even better!! Very professional! I love the, to me, retro-touch the leads add to the atmosphere… sounds somewhat like old chip-music at parts, no? :)

Anyhow, great work!

@teknocide - thanx for your words - thanx! :)

I’m sorry that you can’t understand the words … but you are right it’s melancholic music/lyrics

maybe … it’s tracker music :D