French Keyboard


How can I make renoise recognize my french keyboard…
It’s quite annoying to use shortcuts…

I don’t know how you can make Renoise recognize a special region-setting but you can configure its shortcuts by yourself.
To do so, press on ‘config’ and then on ‘keyboard/mouse’.
Hope I could help.

No, please. I don’t want to be called a ‘Stupid White Tracker’.

I have the same problem with my Korean monitor. Very annoying… really

I believe this was solvable by turning your monitor 90 degress counter clockwise. Though the patterns scroll from right to left in that case :blush: But all chars read from right to left then.

I noticed a similar problem yesterday. I normally use Swedish layout and all the shortcuts work ok. But then I tried to rename an instrument and use an @ in the text… I didn’t get it to work. It is placed on AltGr+2, and I guess Renoise blocks alt when entering texts… anyway, I’ll post it in the bug section too, if it hasn’t been posted before.