From the Archives - Terror Panic Chaos

Uploaded a bunch of old tracks to a playlist called From the Archives on Soundcloud. Here’s the latest addition:

My brother and me though the speech delivered in the game intro was hilariously overwrought, so I sampled it and made a track around it. It’s something I did for a laugh, but I’ve always been very happy with the result.

Oops, forgot to mention the title of the game I sampled. It’s a PS3 game called Renegade Ops. Arcade style, silly waste of time.

this is cool and has a lot of potential! The bass noises and glitches are cool. Like the leads and how you switch up the drums, gives it a nice atmospheric feel. The drums could be fatter though, more 200hz punch and more crack in the top end. Would have a great impact.

That being said, love the progression and how you switch things up and the way you play drums is really great! You know what vibe you’re going for and it sounds great