Frontier Alphatrack And Renoise

Can i use the controler ‘frontier alphatrack’ with Renoise?
I use ‘novation nocturn’ and it works perfectly. I want to buy a new controller and Alphatrack is my best choice.
I work with renoise and reason 4 rewired.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english (it’s very bad)

The native MIDI functions will likely work, but Renoise does not support “controller surfaces” through a system driver like all the other audio-production tools do.
If you look closely to the downloads, there are a bunch of drivers for various audio-tools and if not present, these tools use the default Windows driver (Like Reaper).
Midi Feedback is high on the ToDo list, if the device supports that natively, it might come in handy (as soon as Renoise supports it!), but specific scroll controls like the finger pad will probably stay out of reach.
Perhaps adding control surface driver support should be bundled with the midi feedback todo option if it is picked up.


I will try to use Alphatrack on Reason and nocturn on Renoise