Frostbitten Scottish Mountain Overseering

I went out today to get some video footage in order to make a music video. It was gonna pretty simple, but I had left it too late in the day so I wasn’t getting the frost/sun combo I was after. I grabbed some footage and a few shots anyway. The first one is a tiny loch that’s been almost completely frozen through, which then collapsed under the weight. I moved along the trail a bit and got the next two of a larger loch and my village through the trees. You can see it’s not in shadow there, so I decided to hike up the hill since it’d be the only way to get some sun on the landscape.

In the next pic below, I’m starting to get higher up and closer to the light. The pics after that are from a scenic spot not quite at the top, but it’s excellent for shooting the land below since the ‘mountain’ I’m scaling isn’t actually that high but the foot of it is about 200m from the village and very steep, affording some unique views. The second pic is of part of the Cairngorms, the largest ski-resort in the UK. As you can see, it’s yet another shitty winter. Next are some of the closer, shorter hills. The final one is a view of Excitement Capital of Scotland, Aviemore.

So I thought that was nice, I got some good walking and panorama footage that I could use. I climbed up to the real peak and looked around since I was now directly in the sun, snapping the pic below.

Now, I’d been up here when I was younger, but I don’t remember there being a second peak. But it was there, about twenty meters away. The above pic made me think I’d get some nice shots from a different angle, since the second peak faced South, not East like the other. Well shit, I got a view I’d never seen before. Thank f**** I had my camera. Here’s some video and panorama shots: height=406 width=520[/embed]

The sun was nearly setting, so I decided to hang about to grab some final pics (I had only ten left, shooting video eats tons of space). I traipsed down to the frozen loch you can see at the front of the above pics to get a look. On the way down I scared the crap out of an arctic hare, which I didn’t even know existed in Scotland. He bolted ultra-fast before I could whip out the camera though. Anyway, I got back up to the peak to get the last few shots and made my way home before it started to get really cold (I’ve since been informed it was -10C in the village during the day, dunno if it was colder than that up top):

Wow, beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :) ++++

nice indeed!! too bad there is no snow though :)

Beautiful! Especially the second one.

It started snowing at last today, not much, just a few centimetres, but I thought I’d hop out and get some more footage and shots. The first lot are from the lower areas, taken while I was debating about wether it was actually safe to go higher.

The weather was holding out, so I thought I’d trek up to the top again and get some shots of the same landscape from December, but this time covered in snow. It was tough going and I thought about turning back a few times, since the path was completely invisible and I ended up trudging through drifts 2-3 feet deep. Not usually a problem, but I wasn’t exactly wearing suitable trousers. height=406 width=520[/embed]

While this all looks good, I literally had to shoot and run to get off the hill ASAP. It was not nice up there. It was blowing a freezing gale, I was soaked to the knees and, as you can see from the last pic, there was a blizzard coming toward the hill pretty fast. Here’s a taste of just how cold and windy it was: height=406 width=520[/embed]

Wow, these are a gift! Amazing…

extremly nice!

zee scottish highlands.
where is mel gibson!