Frustrated Little Track

I couldnt decide whether to go ogg or mp3, so I’ll leave that up to you.

I think i heard this on one of your other pages- I like this. Hard and mutilated.

Interesting little track, I like it :)

yeah, raw shit…distorted drum & bass & phone & ringmodulation.

I went mp3, and my gf’s quicktime and me both liked it. Original and raw, well done!


thanks again for the praise, guys

by the way, sagosen: you also had an option for an RNS; I sent you a copy of this a few versions prior to answer a question you had about why I need the render to sample function in a different thread…I dont know if you recieved it though as I emailed it via the forums and didnt receive a response…

Yes you did, and I’ve had trouble with my comp the latter days so I haven’t been able to get around to listen to it yet… ;)

Oh, and I’m slow on the mail side these days, dunno why but I’ll get a grip!

Looking forward to inspect your technique :P