Ft2 Compliant Tracker?

Hi all! First congratz to renoise for making such a wonderfull app that is so reminiscent of the old days. kudos!

Uh, I’ve been out of this loop for a couple of years but I guess it never hurts to ask again :)

I’m looking for a decent tracker. One at least as great as renoise ;) More specificly some of the effects in renoise are not timed correctly, such as the ramping up and down of volume slides e.g. Are there any trackers that work under winblows, are XM compliant AND are easy to use as ft2 was? Cuz that proggy still tops my list, despite all the other crap…


What are your reasons for needing to make XMs these days? Are you making music for games or demos or something like that?

If you’re making music for the sake of making music, why not take advantage of the superior features that Renoise offers? Ok, some of the effect commands don’t function exactly like FT2, but does it really matter? Is it really the end of the world if the volume slide command is slightly different? If you’re making new songs from scratch then it shouldn’t be a big deal. If you’re editing or updating old .XMs to give them a fresh sound, all it takes really is a little bit of effort to adjust the command values to fit within Renoise.

Either way, Milkytracker seems to be quite popular and it claims 100% FT2 compatibility.


Good luck!

I think a0a’s is after this compability in order to play old songs (?).
At least that’s what I’ve been looking for.
But thanks for the tip on Milkytracker, I’ll check it out!

In that case something like XMPlay is probably better suited to the task. Much more convenient if you’re just playing tunes rather than composing.


XMPlay rules. :yeah:

There are loads of apps that can do this, you don’t need a tracker for that.
I don’t see a specific request for compatability in a0a’s post just to play xm’s.

My two candidates here are Skale Tracker and Milky Tracker. Skale is pretty pleasant to use as long as you use the not-latest version. Milky claims to be 100% FT2 compatible. Actually this is not true, but many people still prefer Milky.

Yes it does!
The ‘visual’ thingey where you see the patterns rules also. Makes me wish I could edit, hehe…

Yes, XMPlay was the best player for XM files.

Well, xmplay is a player only. Not sure if there is a tracker out there using the xmplay engine, but if there is i haven’t heard of one. Giving some consideration to the original post, i think you should submit a bug report if you feel that the volume slides aren’t working properly. The renoise team is very fast at correcting bugs. Also, remember that FT2 has a lot of bugs and odd little quirks, and it’s a bit unreasonable to expect a new program to “downgrade” to that level if there is a better and more proper way of doing things. For making XM files, i’d use Skale or Milky. For making more complex music with a tracker, renoise is probably the best there is.