Ft2/milky Key Bindings

Does anybody know if i can find FT2/milkytracker key bindings for renoise somewhere around here? An attempt would suffice. I would be most grateful!

Renoise keymapping is largely based on FT2. I could understand if you were searching for an IT2 keymap, but I don’t see differences with FT2…?

Unless you mean the fact that SPACE plays/stops the song, in which case you can go to
Edit => Preferences => Plugs/Misc and click on the “FT2” button on the bottom

Thank you It-Alien, but there are several things that differs. Switching octaves plus some playback commands are the most notable i can find.

Then reconfigure them yourself if you know what you want to be. Marvellous thing about Renoise is all keyboard shortcuts can be user-configurable.

I would appreciate replies relevant to the topic.

Oh, I’m sorry you’re too lazy to do it yourself an you want somebody to do the hard work for you instead of doing it and maybe providing the file for others who might want FT2 key shortcuts or to learn what the default ones in Renoise are. Shame as it could probably of been done quicker than it took you to post this topic if you actually had any getup and go.

I would appreciate replies relevant to the topic.

edit: ye, your right it-alien
sorry about the fuzz

there is nothing wrong in asking if someone has already done the work for us; this is something we all do all the time in our everday life. please be respectful.

Joel: I’m quite sure you can get accustomed to the new shorctus; I’ve been using FT2 from 1993 to 2001 so I can feel your difficulty, but can also ensure you that this is something you can easily overcome. Anyway, as the other said, you can reprogram the shortcuts; I have done it for some of the actions (for example octave shifting, like you asked).

here you can download my shortcuts. See if using them improves your experience.

No need to go that rude. Everybody needs time to get accustomed and this just takes time.

The reason why i wondered if anyone did a config is that they might have done it more proper than me, besides that it takes time. Key bindings are not a simple matter since i (even after many years of use) don’t know every milky/ft2 shortcut by heart.

I also made neat milkytracker default color config and thought i’d make a transition bundle for milky users. I am quite well accustomed to renoise myself.

It-alien, i noticed a forum thread were someone said they would send you an ft2 key binding file by e-mail. I can’t find it now but i’m just mentioning in case you’d really gotten it and forgot about it.


YES, I made a FT2 shorcut+FT2 Skin for Renoise 2 because I am an “oldskool” composer (I loved using FTII) but now, Renoise 2 is really very easy-use & very powerful :slight_smile:

Please contact me by email and I will send you files.



edit by It-Alien: it’s not advisable to write your own mail address on a forum: spamming softwares are everywhere.
Joel: contact Vizion at the following address
audiofr @ free.fr