FT2 or SkaleTracker keymapping

Does anyone have a configuration file for keyboard mapping like FT2 or Skale (ex: F1…F8 keys for octave switch, Alt/Shift/CTRL+F3, F4, F5 for erase/copy/paste etc)?

Alt/Shift/Control + F3,F4,F5 should already work like FT2 by default.

since ft2-osx is now a thing, i pretty quickly discovered that if i switch back and forth between renoise and ft2, the keyboard shortcut context switch hit on me is pretty huge.

if i am just doing exclusively one or the other, i can manage ok, but if i’m bouncing between 'em? nope.

so i set out to make renoise work like FT2 for the most part, keyboard shortcut-wise. i was thinking i’d publish the keymap.xml but since it’s a complete full dump of all the keys and not just the delta of what i changed, i think maybe this won’t be so useful for everyone, so here’s a summary of the change notes i made:

i didn’t try to do every single thing possible or over think this but here’s an example; it didn’t take too terribly long.

Note: i'm using an "Apple Keyboard (Apple Inc.)" usb fullsize keyboard w/numpad.
original new description                                                     
alt-b ctrl-d show/hide disk browser                                      
n/a shift-ctrl-d focus/show disk browser                                     
f1 ctrl-x recall view preset 1                                                
f3 ctrl-s recall view preset 3                                                
f4 ctrl-i recall view preset 4                                                
n/a shift-ctrl-i focus/show sample keyzones                                  
n/a ctrl-a Toggle Advanced Edit                                                
alt-o ctrl-z hide/show upper frame                                           
alt-l shift-ctrl-z hide/show lower frame                                   
n/a ctrl-e focus/show sample effects                                           
FT2.EXE - ctrl-t = transpose                                                    
ft2-osx - ctrl-t = trim (delete unused samples, patterns, etc).                 
- i chose to leave this alone; in Renoise, transpose is under Advanced Edit,    
  and while there is no configurable option for a Trim like thing, i didn't     
clover-m ctrl-m Open MIDI Mapping Dialog                                    
shift-clover-m shift-ctrl-m Show Used MIDI Mappings                         
n/a f1 Set Octave to 0                                                         
n/a f2 Set Octave to 1                                                         
n/a f3 Set Octave to 2                                                         
n/a f4 Set Octave to 3                                                         
n/a f5 Set Octave to 4                                                         
n/a f6 Set Octave to 5                                                         
n/a f7 Set Octave to 6                                                         
n/a f8 Set Octave to 7                                                         
n/a f9 Set Octave to 8                                                         
FT2 - numlock, /, *, - would select instrument banks (blocks of 8)              
Renoise has 'next/prev instrument page', which also chunks in groups of 8, so:  
alt-right numpad = Select Next Instrument Page                             
alt-left numpad = Select Previous Instrument Page                         
f9 f16 jump to row 0                                                           
f10 f17 jump to row 16                                                          
f11 f18 jump to row 32                                                          
f12 f19 jump to row 48  
clover-shift-home alt-q select first track                                                      
* - also set accordingly for Phrase Editor                                      
clover = ` increase editstep                                               
clover - ~ decrease editstep