Full Frontal September 2005 Mix


Basement Wigger
Full Frontal September 2005 Mix (30min 10sec)
Experimental Drum & Bass, everybody’s a winner in the special olympics.

  1. Terror Lake
  2. Mu-Chong, The Yanan Faction?
  3. Imperialism Erodes Isolationism
  4. Juche is Monarchism, Not Marxism
  5. Purge All Critics Of Pulgasari
  6. Personality Cult Is Corruption
  7. Post-Colonial Korean World Order
  8. Tout (PFD)
  9. Aloha! (PFD)



For a record label (www.trotch.com) that operates like some sort of digital age hippie commune hell-bent on failure with a fanatical dedication to self-defeating esotericisms, Trotch puts out slick, superbly listenable and provocative work. Basement Wigger’s tightly produced d’n’b sound is reminiscent of Luke Vibert’s work as Plug, the largest compliment I could pay to any d’n’b artist, and as such will virtually guarantee that he spends his career exiled from the international d’n’b community. It’s difficult to explain, or even understand, how and why Wigger has chosen to misappropriate North Korean culture as a base for his samples and artwork, but he definitely pulls it off. (4 stars) - Steve Lalla, Montreal Hour.

Dac Chartrand is the dubiously monikered Basement Wigger, reviving so-called ‘intelligent’ drum and bass with a bizarre mixture of arcane video game soundbites and the odd pinko MC. The album maintains a real bite throughout its majority, being chiefly concerned with chugging, energetic breaks. - Stuart Reeves, TinyVoices.co.uk

A Celebration of the Concept of the People’s Republic of North Korea, is set to knock world-music lovers on their asses. Cut-up North Korean music and vocal samples, along with old-school electronics (Commodore 64s and Atari 2600s), become ammo for his frantic breakbeat cannons. - Raf Katigbak, Montreal Mirror