full MIDI control?


i recently bought an mpk49, so now it is really fun to make music on renoise. But the only thing i miss so much is the abillity to move in pattern editor up/down like with the cursors on qwerty keyboard… is there some trick to do that with midi controller? also - cut and paste functions… i know that it is very hard to edit some things without mouse - like to select notes in pattern and cut it - but is there a chance to send cut/paste commands from midi controller? Or if not maybe there is some third-party soft that will translate midi commands into keyboard keys? Something for OSX?

Thanks and cheers!

Hi Hexy,

Have you tried the Duplex template for the MPK49?
If you really need specific midi controls connected to navigation controls, they can also be custom tailored using the Lua scripting API which is the best option to do it btw:Third party tools are not or are limitedly capable of sending keycommands to Renoise.

Yeah, i’ve tried Duplex, but it is only basic configuration - the thing i already done on my mpk. Can you tell me something about this mysterious Lua scripting API?


Well you could enable the scripting inside renoise http://code.google.com/p/xrnx/
and modify my MPK49 Map as you please.

Ok, so i have enabled scripting in renoise but i dont have so much time to spend on learning how to write scripts. Just wanted to know is there a simple trick but i guess there isn’t :(


name = "Global:Tools:JumpNextSequence:Function:Jump to next sequence",  
invoke = function(message)  
 if (message:is_switch()) then   
function jump_to_next_sequence()  
 local position = renoise.song().transport.playback_pos  
 position.line = 1  
 position.sequence = renoise.song().selected_sequence_index +1  
 if position.sequence > #renoise.song().sequencer.pattern_sequence then  
 position.sequence = 1  
 renoise.song().transport.playback_pos = position   

Hit ctrl + M, unfold the “Available and Active Mappings” list and then go to Global:Tools:JumpNextSequence:Function:Jump to next sequence and learn your specific midi-keys their CC messages.
Then adjust the function jump_to_next_sequence to your needs what you want it to do when you press the midi-key you made it learn.